Turkey and Spinach Meatloaf

Turkey and Spinach Meatloaf – Gluten Free

1 lb of ground turkey ½  onion fine chopped 1 bag of frozen spinach (10 ounces) ½ cup brown rice cooked (¼ cup raw cooked in ½ cup liquid) 2 tbsp of mustard 1 large egg white 1 Tbsp of salt ½ Tbsp of ground pepper ¼ cup of tomato sauce How to: First cook brown rice in either water or vegetable stock, once cooked allow to cool down. Place all remaining ingredients (onion, spinach, rice, mustard, egg white, salt and pepper) in a large mixing bowl. Mix all the ingredients together, put in a baking dish or loaf pan spread the tomato sauce on top bake at 475 for 45 minutes, basting occasionally. Serve with a greens, cucumber and tomato salad dressed with lemon and extra virgin olive oil if desired.


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