Those great gluten-free chia seeds

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Chia Sour Cherry Pudding

Chia Seeds, Sour Cherries and Almond milk make a healthy, delicious pudding


I first learn about chia seeds when I was a little kid growing up in El Salvador, my family made “Fresco de semilla de Chan” (which translates to: Chia seed refreshment), this is a drink made of lemonade, sugar cane and pink chia seeds, little did I know that we were hip and nutritionally revolutionary back then; but it was just part of our daily lives, we learned from our elder Maya origins.

Now I see Chia in everything: puddings, gravies, soup thickeners and if you remember, chia pets. I am up for, let’s chia everything, or at least let’s include them in our diet more often.

There is a great reason for this, chia seeds are packed with protein as well as omega 3 lipids, they help to fight cholesterol and inflammation and also are a great option to curve appetite cravings because if you have them in a smoothie or add them to your yogurt in the morning, these small seeds will give you a good feeling of satiety through the first part of your day.


These seeds also have been credited with helping digestion and repairing of the gut, great for those peeps with IBS and celiac, also responsible for giving you lots of calcium, phosphorous and manganese as well as powerful antioxidants; so enjoy your chia seeds in everything you can think about and introduce them to your kids to start them early on their digestive system wellness program.

You don’t know if kids will like this until they try themselves, without hearing our judgment first, remember that kids are empty vessels and they will only repeat what they hear from us; therefore following our act.

Here is a quick recipe in which you can substitute coconut milk, instead of almond milk if you need to suit your needs:

Chia, Sour Cherry Pudding 

Prep Time 10 minutes

Resting time 6 hours



¼ cup of chia seeds

1 cup of Almond milk

2 tablespoon maple syrup

1 teaspoon of Vanilla extract

½ Teaspoon Orange Zest

¼ cup of dried tart cherries soaked to rehydrate

¼ Cup of walnuts to garnish if desired


  • In a glass bowl combine all the wet ingredients and the orange zest.
  • Add the chia seeds whisking vigorously back, forth and across for about 2 minutes to avoid lumps.
  • Add rehydrated tart cherries to the pudding
  • Cover the pudding with plastic film and place in the refrigerator for a minimum of 6 hours or overnight, stir vigorously before serving.

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