The Cook, The Wife and The Unwanted Celiac

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About Us 5 Roselis has been feeling a bit better lately, the swelling of her joints are an issue still, that may be due to the eating from take out a few days ago.  I always worry about the future consequences that may occur if she does not eat as she is supposed to. But so far we are doing everything right as we know how, I remember when I had so much resistance believing that her health problems were caused by food, how could that be? food is a source of sustenance and with many people starving in this world, depriving ourselves of eating is a social injustice, or being picky is some sort of bratty thing to do.

My unfamiliarity with her reactions were maybe justified, I grew up thinking that we are supposed to eat everything, except for cow’s brain, which my grandmother used to make and spread them on toast points, which she tried to make me eat with the excuse that they were very good for me.

It was pushed on to me so much, that I got to hate them with passion; perhaps they are good for you, as grandma said since they are pure fat, good fat. So to me diets were the bourgeoise thing to do, obnoxious approach to food, an over entitled person’s approach to excess, not a social look to equality; however it took me some time to understand that my wife’s need was not a dietary choice, it was  a lifestyle necessity.

I’m sure that many of you are familiar with the effects of gluten on people that are intolerant to this protein, are not particularly happy to see your bundle of reciprocal love bent over from stomach pain or laying in bed because their energy is so depleted, while all you want to do is go out and have fun with them.

So our solution to this conflict is to cook at home about eighty percent of our existence; and when there is restaurant food involved, well, that is another issue since we must be very careful, but that is another topic. I have been a Chef for over twenty years and this has been one of the biggest challenges of my cooking career: to change the cooking method that I was so familiar with using fats, flours, sugars, reductions.

It has been an exciting change for me, but for my wife has been trial and tribulations, making her the equivalent of a lab hamster, but after three years I think we are almost there. Her eating lifestyle (I refuse to call it a diet) is for the most part clean, organic, homemade tasty food that we cook daily in our apartment in Manhattan, our kitchen is small in comparison to my usual scenarios and  even in this setting we make a point of cooking from scratch, it is the only way that Roselis will stay feeling energized, walking upright and not swelled up, or with her digestive refuse in a liquid form; I don’t mean to be crude, it is just reality.

A reality that she has been living for a long time without exactly knowing what was wrong with her, a reality that I had a problem accepting but that I finally did, which many of our friends and family don’t comprehend just yet; but we are trying to educate them and the rest of the world that it is not a bratty attitude or being pretentious, or picky, it is a natural reaction to a protein that does not sit well with her immune system and there is no reason to shaun her and make her feel like the gene missing member of the family.

A gluten free life style for a celiac sufferer or gluten intolerant person is not a choice, it is a survival necessity; however it is one that the rest of us need to accept, support and embrace. The Morsel Chef contact me

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