Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Do you have to stop eating gluten? Does someone you love have a gluten intolerance or just a gluten-sensitivity? Have you received a diagnosis of Celiac Disease, but your have no idea what to do next?

Stop Focusing on Diets.  Focus on Food!

We help you:

  • Understand what gluten is and where it hides.
  • Create a healthy relationship with your food, one morsel at a time.
  • Heal the natural way, with a change of lifestyle to help you lower your blood sugar and reduce inflammation.
  • Make your transition with ease.
  • Make sure your child stays safe and healthy – at home, at school, and at play.
  • Decide what’s safe to eat at restaurants.
  • Achieve your health and lifestyle goals.
  • Determine what is affecting your immune system.  This may require you to remove sugar and dairy from your diet as well.

An Easy Transition to Gluten-Free

At Morsels in the Buff we provide you with one-on-one motivational coaching, catered to your specific needs. Whether you need menus, cooking services, or step-by-step instructions to cut gluten out of your life, we can help.

By focusing on what and how you CAN eat, instead of what you CAN’T, Morsels in the Buff makes the transition easy and exciting. We want you to feel safe and confident on a path that can be challenging and confusing.