Gluten-Free Reset by Teixeira NYY #25

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This past Wednesday I woke up to the news that Mark Teixeira decided to go gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free and I immediately thought “oh no, not another one that jumps on the fad diet wagon”, but after reading the text of the announcement, I was pleasantly surprised when I learned the real reasons why Mark, a baseball player of 34 years young, decided to change his lifestyle: To get rid of inflammation on his body and not the false perception of weight loss.

I think that Teixeira (who plays for my favorite team by the way), is on to something excellent and beneficial for him, some fans may disagree and criticize; however I don’t blame these fans because unless one knows what gluten is and what the negative effects of gluten can cause when combined with dairy and sugar, one would not be able to make an intelligent comment on the situation.

For many of us when gluten is consumed it brings inflammation in your system, and when combined with sugar and dairy can be even worse.

Some grains especially the ones that contain gluten (Wheat, Barley, Rye and some Oats) can cause your joints to swell up, your gut gets big and therefore your belly starts to grow after consuming considerable amounts of pasta, bread and beer; and when fat is on your waist you are more prompt to diabetes.

Try and stop these foods for a week and you’ll see how different you will feel and look, you will be pleased to look at yourself in the morning, and getting up won’t be such a challenge.

We don’t realize that sugar can have a dehydrating effect in our system and that it also has a negative factor in muscle performance, muscles can tear easily if they are not properly hydrated, I can’t even think on doing my Bikram yoga practice drinking a sports drink instead of water.

When I cure a piece of salmon or any meat, I use a combination of sugar and salt to extract the moisture and preserve it, could the same thing be happening in our insides when we consume considerable amounts of sugar and salt? Food for thought.

I don’t understand why companies pitch performance drinks such as the big G or waters that claim to contain vitamins and artificial colors, to athletes and workout enthusiasts.  These drinks contain an average of 5.7 grams of sugar per 100 ml, each bottle is 600 ml or 20 ounces, which equals to an average of 34.2 grams of sugar!!!!

If you are a male, your daily sugar intake should be no more than 37.9 grams per day or 9 teaspoons and if you are a female it should not be more than 25 grams per day or 6 teaspoons per day; so if you consume a whole 20 ounces of a sports drink, like a G or VW kind, you either went overboard with your sugar or just reached your limit, depending on your gender.

There are two health experts that are my favorites on these issues, Dr William Davis and Dr Robert Lustig, they get so passionate about the effects of gluten and sugar, I suggest to look them up and make your own opinion and heal your gut.

So, going back to Mark: Congratulations dude, that takes guts!!

I think that if this new lifestyle gets his RBI back to the way it was in 2009, it will mean a lot to him and all of us Bombers’ fans in October.

If not he will definitely be a healthy old man, without any of those pains and aches that we expect after 50, either way it is a win for Teixeira.

Keep it up!!

Mario, The Morsel Chef

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