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Those great gluten-free chia seeds

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Chia Sour Cherry Pudding

Chia Seeds, Sour Cherries and Almond milk make a healthy, delicious pudding


I first learn about chia seeds when I was a little kid growing up in El Salvador, my family made “Fresco de semilla de Chan” (which translates to: Chia seed refreshment), this is a drink made of lemonade, sugar cane and pink chia seeds, little did I know that we were hip and nutritionally revolutionary back then; but it was just part of our daily lives, we learned from our elder Maya origins.

Now I see Chia in everything: puddings, gravies, soup thickeners and if you remember, chia pets. I am up for, let’s chia everything, or at least let’s include them in our diet more often.

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Gluten-Free Reset by Teixeira NYY #25

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Click photo to read the NYTs article

This past Wednesday I woke up to the news that Mark Teixeira decided to go gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free and I immediately thought “oh no, not another one that jumps on the fad diet wagon”, but after reading the text of the announcement, I was pleasantly surprised when I learned the real reasons why Mark, a baseball player of 34 years young, decided to change his lifestyle: To get rid of inflammation on his body and not the false perception of weight loss. Read More

My 14 Day Sugar Detox, a Daily Recollection on How I Did It

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About four months ago I decided to start a sugar detox, as I mentioned in my last post, I had fallen off the wagon and started eating large amounts of sugar again, all in the forms of ice cream, pastries and candy bars and it took a few months before I started to feel the effects of the change on my diet.

My joints ached in the morning, my stomach started to show again, along with my side (love) handles, my face was looking puffy with an slightly accentuated double chin and droopy eyes, on top of that I was feeling tired and not clear minded. The skin on my shoulders, showing irritation with small pimples and redness, the signs that I don’t like to see.

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The Hashimoto, Bikram Yoga, Celiac Connection – My Journey Part 2

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About three years into my so called Hashimoto recovery, or shall we call it diagnosis, I was missing a physical activity as an outlet.  All my life, since my youth I had always participated in some sort of physical activity, dancing as a little girl, the drill team in high school and then running as an adult.  Many things drove me away from running and for a while I’d been looking for a new outlet until I finally found it in yoga, specifically Bikram yoga.

My Sugar Addiction, Skin Consequences

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Sugar is not an addiction, right ?

   Up until about two months ago I was waking up tired, with joint pain, and pimples on my back and my shoulders; I had some rashes and blemishes associated with acne but I am not a teenager, I am a forty plus healthy adult, what the heck!

    On top of that I have gained about two sizes on my waist, my pants were not fitting comfortably anymore, I have been size 33 for a while, and now, I feel like the fat character in the Austin Powers movie, and with reason, because I have been eating a lot of sugar in the last year, let me tell you how I got here.

Acne Pic profile

Skin condition at the point where I could not take them anymore, circa 2011

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Turkeys Gluten-Free? A Burger Recipe

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On a recent supermarket visit gathering our weekly pack of morsels, I was passing through the meat/fish section when I caught something on the corner of my eye, which made me come to a sudden stop and gave me mixed feelings of  frustration and confusion.

Gluten-Free Turkey Burgers!!!!!

So easy to be made at home with natural gluten free ground turkey

So easy to be made at home with natural gluten-free ground turkey

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The Hashimoto, Celiac, Gluten Connection: My Journey Part 1

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It was just a little over ten years ago when suddenly within a 60 day period I gained 32 lbs, I had done nothing different to justify this sudden weight gain; I had always been a good eater and well aware of my body, this did not make sense!!  Needless to say, it was a shock, my self esteem was crushed! I had always been coquettish and comfortable with my looks and body, this definitely did not go with that persona. I was 38 years old and there was no explanation for this.

I went to see many doctors who tested me for all kinds of things many times, for the first time in my life I dieted and over exercised, and the weight did not come off. I went to see a nutritionist and whenever I would go to her office with my weekly meal sheet, she would ask:
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A Few Morsels on Gluten-Free Protection

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Yellow Oyster Mushrooms

Sometimes it amazes me how much misinformation there is out there in the food industry when it comes to gluten intolerances and celiac.

BROW- Barley, Rye, Oats and Wheat they all contain gluten, along with soy sauce.

If you eat out and you are seriously sensitive to gluten, please do ask questions.  We, in the restaurant business are obliged to accommodate YOU, hence the name The HOSPITALITY business. Read More

The Cook, The Wife and The Unwanted Celiac

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About Us 5 Roselis has been feeling a bit better lately, the swelling of her joints are an issue still, that may be due to the eating from take out a few days ago.  I always worry about the future consequences that may occur if she does not eat as she is supposed to. But so far we are doing everything right as we know how, I remember when I had so much resistance believing that her health problems were caused by food, how could that be? food is a source of sustenance and with many people starving in this world, depriving ourselves of eating is a social injustice, or being picky is some sort of bratty thing to do.

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