My 14 Day Sugar Detox, a Daily Recollection on How I Did It

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About four months ago I decided to start a sugar detox, as I mentioned in my last post, I had fallen off the wagon and started eating large amounts of sugar again, all in the forms of ice cream, pastries and candy bars and it took a few months before I started to feel the effects of the change on my diet.

My joints ached in the morning, my stomach started to show again, along with my side (love) handles, my face was looking puffy with an slightly accentuated double chin and droopy eyes, on top of that I was feeling tired and not clear minded. The skin on my shoulders, showing irritation with small pimples and redness, the signs that I don’t like to see.

So here is my recollection of those days during my cleansing, I had some miserable times at the beginning, but I felt great once it was over. I do feel bad about the kids that work at the creamery across the street, (yes, on top of everything, I live across the street from a creamery) I used to leave a good tip every time.

skin condition on shoulder May '14

skin condition on shoulder May ’14



To prepare myself I have been reading about this subject and my wife has done this cleansing before because of her thyroid; one of the things that I have learned is that I must do this by crowding out the unwanted. The two weeks prior to my detox I have been eating more fruits and no refined sugars.

Here is how I did it and what I experienced, so I hope that many of you help from this experience.

Day one:
Starting today I am not having any more processed sugar or desserts or ice cream or frozen yogurt from that infamous venue across from my house.
I started by cutting back to one teaspoon of sugar in my coffee and adding some honey with my yogurt in the mornings. One of the things that I need to do is substitute my intake of processed sugar with fruits, so I am having fruit three times a day, once each in the morning, the middle of the day and at night, this is a lot of fruit but it will be just for today. I also took a Bikram class in the afternoon to help the detox a bit.

Day two:
I took a Bikram class early in the morning and I started a low sugar diet and no carb today.
This morning I had a shake made of Kefir, berries and Kale; for lunch I had a six ounce portion of Salmon with raw kale salad and for dinner a piece of roasted chicken with roasted root vegetables. This day seems to be easy and I feel great.

Day three:
I slept eight hours last night and I woke up feeling tired, it is 7 AM, I am up for a couple of hours and I fall back to sleep for 45 minutes, I have been in daze all day but I don’t have any sugar cravings.
Today I had eggs and organic sausage for Breakfast, turkey sandwich with yogurt cheese, lettuce and tomato for lunch and roasted pork tenderloin with spaghetti squash and sweet potato. I am in bed by 12 midnight.



Day four:
Today I wake up at 9 AM and I’m feeling very sluggish, on top of that my stomach aches and I feel indigestion and bloating, I am trying to trace it back to what I had to eat the day before, but all I had was home cooked food, so nothing was mishandled. My assumption is that my system is starting to cleanse, I don’t think that organic pork and spaghetti squash would make me feel this way.
I have been pushing myself all day and have had a very active day, I went to the park and played with my nephews, but by the end I felt very out of it and nauseous.
My lunch was a turkey burger and dinner consisted of chicken soup with noodles and vegetables.
Day five:
I woke up at 6:30 AM with a stomach ache and went back to bed until around 8:30 AM when I decided to have a cup of yogurt and banana, I have to go to work and when i come back home I just fall sleep again for a couple of hours. The thing is that today I am feeling very tired, and my head is in a cloud and my stomach is not well, my stools are very soft and the nausea still with me.
I feel very anxious and it is hard to fall sleep at night.
Day Six:
I am up at 7:30 AM, have some coffee with a half teaspoon of sugar, I think that I need to take the sugar away slowly, I am feeling irritable and tired.
I fall sleep again at 12 noon for a couple of hours, it bothers me because this is very unlike me, I make the decision to have eggs with some black beans. After an hour, I don’t think this has been the best decision today, because by now diarrhea is part of the situation, plus a heavy urge to vomit.
My wife fixes me a juice made of fresh orange juice, ginger, colloidal silver and fresh lemon juice, this makes me feel better, my stomach feels settled for now.
I have a hard time falling sleep.
Day Seven:
My stomach has been a disaster, not being able to retain anything that I eat, all I can do is lie on my couch and go to the restroom, this goes on all morning, I am convinced that my body is detoxing. I have to go and work this afternoon so I tough it up and fake it till I make it.

I have had a very hard day, my energy level is very low plus the combination of head, stomach and body ache is not fun, can’t wait for the day to be over.
Somehow I manage to sleep alright.
Day Eight:
I wake up feeling better, I have some beef broth for breakfast, baked fish and salad (mixed greens, tomatoes, avocado with lemon and olive oil) for lunch and for dinner a piece of lamb loin with steamed vegetables.
My energy level has been good, so I have had a very active and productive day, today I made the decision to stop dairy for a couple of weeks.
I am planning to eliminate dairy, grains, coffee and cut down hyper glycemic fruits to one piece per day. Then I plan to eat proteins and vegetables for about three months.
Day Nine:
Today I woke up without any drowsiness, had one cup of coffee which is intended to be the only one today.
I feel active and clear headed, this allows me to have a great day at work, my stomach feels so much better and I am able to eat without rejecting my food or passing it through.
The pimples on my shoulder look very irritated, almost red. My body’s reaction amazes me, I did not realized how unfairly I have been treating myself, my body is coursing at me and I don’t listen.
Day Ten:
I feel bloated and fat and my belly feels hard, my energy level is down again and my joints are hurting again, it is interesting to me since yesterday was a high energy day.
I keep eating lean fats and no added sugar, low glycemic fruits and one cup of coffee a day.
Day Eleven:
I go to work at 6:30 AM, my level of energy is ok, but my head is fuzzy, my breakfast consists of oatmeal and berries, I am trying not to over extent myself.
I have Baked fish and salad for dinner, I have the first decent bowel movement in three days.
Sleep is getting better.
Day Twelve:
Work at 6:30 AM again, but not feeling as bad as yesterday, I feel more alert and with more energy, I also notice that my shoulder rashes are starting to look better and the pimples on my back are still there but less irritated.
My meals today consisted of steamed vegetables for breakfast and lunch, rice, beans and baked chicken for dinner with some berries for dessert and lots of water through the day.
Day Thirteen:
What a difference!!!
Eating more lean proteins and vegetables, no grains starting today for a little while and I am planning to give up dairy starting tomorrow.
The pain in my joints and specially my knees is gone.
Day Fourteen:
Definitely no knee pain this morning, night sweats are gone and I feel so much cleaner and lighter, I plan to eat 2 pieces of fruit per day just to keep my body from going into shock again, but I am limiting these fruits to low glycemic ones such as berries, green apples and peaches.
I suspect having Candida, because of my skin problems and the fact that I took antibiotics for such a long time when that dermatologist advised me to do so.

The candida issue is another matter that needs to be treated differently and it is a long process when it is done naturally, without any meds.

It is now about three months since day fourteen, I have lost a few pounds and I went from size 33 to size 32, I feel so much better in the morning and I feel clear and rested; without any aches.

Sugar is addictive, as is also a big trigger for inflammation, specially when it has been processed or when it is consumed as high fructose corn syrup byproducts, such as sodas, cheap candies and almost everything that is sold in a supermarket.

We need to read labels and educate ourselves, we need to listen less to commercialism and big banners posted by big food corporations, we need to save ourselves because no one else is looking for our well being, NO ONE.
It is up to us.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help or have any questions


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